What can we do with cremated remains?

When you choose cremation, you actually have more choices for a final resting place than with typical earth burial.


Just as a casket can be buried in a cemetery, so too can an urn. You may opt to have an urn buried in a family plot or in the town cemetery. Often, more than one urn can be placed within one gravesite for couples that would like to be laid to rest together. Any type of bronze or granite marker can be used to identify the place where the cremated remains are buried.

Urns can also be placed in columbaria, or collections of niches. Each urn has its own place and can be marked with a memorial plaque. Many cemeteries have urn columbaria, but churches will often have niches for urn placement as well.


Scattering Cremated Remains
Many individuals like the idea of returning cremated remains to the earth through scattering. Many cemeteries today offer special gardens or designated areas for the scattering of cremated remains, complete with a memorial marker or entry in a memorial book for remembrance.

For the adventurous, there are several services that will scatter cremated remains over water, from an airplane, or even make them part of a coral reef. For more about these unique services, browse the links below.


Multiple Urns
Cremated remains do not have to be placed in just one urn. They can be divided among several small keepsake urns or cremation jewelry. This allows family members a great deal of comfort when they are separated by long distances. Portions of cremated remains can be scattered, made into jewelry or art, buried, or all of the above. It is all a matter of preference.


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